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Printable Magnitude Charts

Star Charts for Globe at Night provided by Jan Hollan, of the Global Change Research Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Dark Skies Rangers

The Dark Skies Rangers program provides ways to visualize the problem of light pollution with simple, easy-to-grasp, and fun activities. Click on the link for more information!

Quality Lighting Teaching Kit

The Quality Lighting Teaching Kit provides six activities which use quality lighting to solve realistic cases on how light pollution affects wildlife, the night sky, our eyes, energy consumption, safety and light trespass into buildings.

Data Reporting Webapp Translations

We would like to graciously acknowledge our translators!

  • A. Azadegan
  • A. Costa
  • A. Eklöf
  • A. Grigore
  • A. Le Gué
  • A. Nieminen
  • A. Pace
  • A. Risi
  • A. Wisniewska
  • A. Yamani
  • B. Garcia
  • B. Haenel
  • C. Ibarlucea
  • C. Leote
  • E. M. Pereira
  • G. Pavicic
  • H. Guo
  • I. Ugarte
  • J. Ferreira
  • J. Merc
  • J. Píšala
  • J. Romanowska
  • J. Vogel
  • K. Czart
  • M. Metaxa
  • N. Ochi
  • Ö. Önal
  • P. Horalek
  • R. Snoj
  • S. Bará
  • S. Gudmundsson
  • S. Hu
  • S. Klett
  • S. Ribas
  • S. You
  • T. Likittheerameth
  • V. Bianchi
  • V. Grigore
  • V. Oliveira
  • Y. Kim
  • Z. Kollath

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Globe At Night 2024 Postcards

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  • Northern Hemisphere Activity Guides:

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    Globe At Night US Educational Standards