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The Constellation: Bootes


In Greek, Bootes means “the ploughman”. He was a farmer in ancient Greece. Back then, there weren’t enough people to work in the fields. There wasn’t enough food for everyone, and people were hungry. Every day, Bootes dug up the soil in his fields to make rows for his crops. It was backbreaking work. “Surely,” he thought, “there is an easier way!” That night, Bootes stayed up after everyone was asleep, thinking about how to make tilling his field easier. After sketching several ideas, he settled on one and got to work making it. The next morning when it was time to till his field, he used his new invention, the wagon and plow. He was able to finish his fields faster and easier than ever before. When the neighboring farmers heard about Bootes’ new invention, they lined up for miles to ask him to make them one. The farmers were able to plow their fields and produce more food, so there was enough for everyone. To this day, the wagon and plow are essential tools for farmers. Because of his creativity and ingenuity, he was placed in the stars.

Can you find Bootes?

To find Bootes, look for the Big Dipper constellation in the north. Follow the arc made by the Dipper's handle until you see a bright star. This is Arcturus, which is located in what would be the waist of Bootes. The rest of the stars in Bootes form the shape of a kite, with dimmer stars beneath the diamond shape of the kite forming his legs.

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