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6 Steps

Six Easy Star Hunting Steps

  1. During the campaign dates, go outside more than an hour after sunset (8-10 pm local time). The Moon should not be up. Let your eyes become used to the dark for 10 minutes before your first observation.
  2. Use a night sky app on your phone outside to find the constellation from where you are.
  3. Go to the Globe at Night Report page to start to enter Globe at Night measurements. Make sure you are in “Nighttime version”
  4. With a smart phone, the app will put in the date, time, location (latitude/longitude) automatically. Otherwise please type them in. For your location, type the street address closest to your observation along with the city, state or province and country.
  5. Choose the star chart that looks most closely to what you see toward your constellation. That is, what is the faintest star you can see in the sky and find in the chart?
  6. Chose the amount of cloud cover at the time of observation and then click on the “SUBMIT DATA” button.

During some of the 2023 Globe at Night campaigns there will be more than one choice for which constellation is optimal to use. This will depend on your location around the globe. To decide which one is best for you at your location for the dates listed below, check to see if the constellation is more than halfway above the horizon. If so, you can use that constellation for the campaign. If not, try another suggested constellation for that month.