Can You Find Scorpius?

Scorpius like Sagittarius is most easily found looking south toward the Milky Way and following it upward. It is easiest to find Scorpius by looking for what looks like a fish hooks of bright stars. At the center of this hook is what visually looks like a bright red star. This is often mistaken for Mars being visually red, but this is the Red Giant star Antares which is the heart of Scorpius. The body of Scorpius is what looks like the fish hook, with the tail as the hook and the head and pincers of Scorpius being at the opposite end making a three pronged end point away from Sagittarius.

Constellation: Latitude: Read about the Mythology of Scorpius, or review the Magnitude Charts for Scorpius.

sky with Scorpius at 30 degrees North latitude

Image created with Stellarium